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"I didn't really want to tame it too much. I wanted it to be an instinctive and primal beast!"


Jarrad Brown could be talking about training a pet Siberian Tiger cub, but in this case we are in fact talking about Eagle and the Worm's bangin' new 7” single Automatic 


Since their beginnings in 2009, as a Melbourne collective of musicians led by main-man Jarrad Brown, Eagle and the Worm have evolved into a tight-knit 7 piece with a willingness to try anything twice. 

"We didn't stew on Automatic much, it started with a sample from a collection of vinyl breaks i've hoarded. Suited horns and big riffs. Spot on for Eagle… and perfect for Steve Schram (Production) to do his thing on" Brown explains. 


Driven by a roaring engine of jungle percussion, guitars and horns rising above the fray, Brown muses that Automatic is perhaps a taste of what is to come "We spent a lot of time on making beat cycles and percussion arrangements, i love music that is built from the rhythm up"


It only seems fitting then, that Automatic shares the wax with a B-side cover of Avalanches classic 'Electricity', a favourite of Brown's "Im a massive fan, from the cassettes, to El Producto all the way through to Since I Left You" 


Having spent 2010 to 2012 pursuing a heavy touring schedule, including extensive national and international touring, the release of their critically acclaimed debut LP Goodtimes and subsequent EP Strangelove, Eagle took time to wash their clothes, detox/rehab, and fortunately for us get down to writing a big swag of songs for their forthcoming LP slated for release in the second half of 2014.


With their glorious new coats, their eyes shining brightly, and their brand spankin’ limited run of 7” vinyl in hand, Eagle and the Worm are stepping out on their first headline East Coast tour of 2014, including a free show at Basement Discs on April 19th to celebrate the special release of Automatic on Aus Record Store Day.